Cinderella's Real Name

Found in an 1887 San Miguel newspaper, a story that will amuse and leave you wondering.  Enjoy!

"There is no fairy tale that is better known or more loved by young readers than the story of the little cinder wench, who was so ill treated by her cruel sisters, had such a delightful godmother, with a magic wand, and was so lucky as to lose her pretty glass slipper only to gain a prince and become a princess thereby.
Looking over an old book we came upon an anecdote that is said to have been the origin of this favorite little tale.  Cinderella's real name, it seems, was Rhodope, and she was a beautiful Egyptian maiden, who live 670 years before the birth of Christ, and during the reign of Psammeticus, of the the twelve kings of Egypt. One day Rhodope ventured to go in bathing in a clear stream near her home and meanwhile left her shoes, which must have been unusually small, lying on the bank.  An eagle, passing above, chanced to catch sight of the little sandals, and, mistaking th…

June 2019 Read the amazing beginnings of Garbage Collection in California as witnessed by the amazing story of San Miguel Garbage family.

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July 31, 2019 Post:A Brief History of one of San Miguel's Historic Treasures

A brief history of one of San Miguel’s historic treasures:
Historic Rios-Caledonia Adobe
     We begin with the period of  pre-California history called secularization, when Spanish control of the San Miguel Mission and its land was confiscated byMexico.  The Mission lands weresold, given away or abandonedby the Mexican government.   Petronillo Rios was a sergeant in the Mexican military and he was assigned with the building of a home for the family that would oversee the Mission lands. In 1835, with the help of Salinan Indian workers, they constructed a two story adobe building to house the overseer’s family.       Following the Mexican American War (1846-48),the government of the United States took possession of California.  That meant the Adobe, and other former mission land ( except the missions themselves) was sold as private land.        Over the years, the Adobe was sold and resold many times and had many uses as well as owners tried to make a living.   The road on the east sideof …

May 2019 California Grizzly Bear

This month we share one of Tom Taylors Flash Histories.  This one is about California's Grizzly Bear.   Tom's writings are always interesting and give you a snapshot background on history in the Central Coast.   Enjoy! 

April 2019 - "Old Adobe" Museum

This month I give you a little background on a concerned citizen back in the 1920's who saw an old abandoned Adobe building that he felt needed to be preserved because of its historic value.  So, he made it his mission to restore it and open it as a museum which he called the "Old Adobe".  That would be  the present day Friends of the Adobes which has continued to serve the community maintaining the Rios-Caledonia (for over 50 years now). 
They are continually seeking new members, supporters, and especially volunteers to help with their work. If that's something you'd like to get involved in, please contact Laverne @ 805-467-3467 or